Focus is Power

by: M. Charlotte Oliver January 6th, 2021 A few days ago, I received the news that within the next eight weeks I could possibly be finished with studies related to academia. Of course, this does not mean I do not have other classes in the works. One specifically, is learning how to effectively use a … Continue reading Focus is Power

Quietly Home

For the last few weeks, it’s been nice to sit back, watch, consider, and discern on all things in my life. The moments, people, and things common and familiar to me. It has also been liberating to know, my uniqueness is cherished and less exhausting than some of what I have witnessed. Age is such … Continue reading Quietly Home

Good Deeds

I’ve recently and continue to spend a great deal of time reading books of the old, specifically those written by the oppressed. Those who were bombarded with adversity of all kinds…from the color of their skin, shape of their lips, texture of their hair, and speech. Those who were called names and treated as though … Continue reading Good Deeds