Balthasar, Casper, & Melchoir

4 thoughts on “Balthasar, Casper, & Melchoir”

  1. Rev. Charlotte,
    Your poignant retelling of risking the weather, your car, other drivers at night, animals crossing the highway, etc. to welcome home your new son-in-law touches me deeply. Through Christ a pacifist and a military person can together “have God on their side.” That sounds like true peace, which passes all understanding!

  2. Rev Charlotte, I read again your reflection on the Magi’s journey and yours. I’d pondered “promoted to kings.” It’s always been a given that I’m a child of God; and since I first surrendered to living for Him, I realized God’s family is the royal family of all creation. We are promoted any day and every day we choose to be led by Christ’s Spirit!
    Not deserving—just because we’re loved.

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