A Humble Path

This year, my daughter is hosting her first Thanksgiving dinner, which means that I can sit back and relax. Well, maybe? The invitation to dinner came through a text from her boyfriend a few weeks ago. I graciously accepted. Shortly after my acceptance, I received a text from them both, asking me to bring several … Continue reading A Humble Path

My Way Home

I am always fascinated by the theories of autonomy and relatedness as basic social needs and cultural paradigms. Definitions differ, but both quite significant for understanding chosen paths. A recent conversational antecedent grounded in cultural representation, paved the way for me to briefly touch on why my daily gratitude is occasionally led by my personal … Continue reading My Way Home

The Joy I Keep

October’s Theme: Inner Solitude 2nd of October, 2019 – 6 am (MST) “For God alone my soul in silence waits.”- Psalm 62:1 The cooler temperature last night was a welcoming and friendly reminder of what’s ahead in my area of Colorado. Though the herbs and all the potted plants still thrive outside of the greenhouse, I … Continue reading The Joy I Keep