Words & Gifts

The most precious piece of art I have in the home, is the one hanging over my bed. It simply says, “Always kiss me goodnight.” Although I do not have an earthly being to portray this special endearment to, this serves as a friendly reminder that I should honor God for the day I’ve completed. … Continue reading Words & Gifts

Simple Gifts

I’ve competed all the decorations for the Christmas season. Cookie plates for my neighbors have been chosen and recipes are abundant. Currently, I am making apple butter for one of my kind neighbors who brought over Fisherman’s Stew a few weeks ago. It was extremely delicious and came at the most appropriate day and time, … Continue reading Simple Gifts

The Joy I Keep

October’s Theme: Inner Solitude 2nd of October, 2019 – 6 am (MST) “For God alone my soul in silence waits.”- Psalm 62:1 The cooler temperature last night was a welcoming and friendly reminder of what’s ahead in my area of Colorado. Though the herbs and all the potted plants still thrive outside of the greenhouse, I … Continue reading The Joy I Keep